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Okay. So here's the deal. I need to write more Souji/Yosuke for the sake of my own satisfaction. I am terrible at coming up with plots - so PLEASE, LEAVE ME PROMPTS. As some general guidelines:

What I will do:
• Canon platonic (any of the endings)
• Canon pairings (any of the endings)
• In Route
• Post-Route
• Any AU, just leave me general details and I will do my best to work with it
• Mature content
• Any genre

What I won't do:
• Anything involving rape. Ever.
• Other topics will be handled case by case if they have triggering content

Other than that -- have at! Some may be drabbles, some may be short one-shots. Or long ones. Something really big could turn into a multi-part thing. HAVE AT, GUYS. These will probably take forever to do, but when your prompt is completed, I'll let you know.

Pick Up the Pieces
Post-Route, canon: Yosuke's feeling empty -- and very alone -- after waking up in his own bed in Inaba without any trace of being in Johto. But he doesn't dare bring the topic up to Souji.

Souji and Yosuke, the cop AU.
Souji and Yosuke in college.
Souji visiting Inaba again.
Yosuke going all the way out to visit Souji and meet his parents, who are curious to know about their relationship
Souji is visiting Yosuke, but the train crashes on the way.
Yosuke thinks Rise and Souji are dating. Gets upset and doesn't know why. HAPPY ENDING.
Post-Route: Yosuke gets sent home to the moment he originally left from.... but he's the only one. Everyone currently in Route is still gone, and there's no sign of them ever returning.
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