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One Sentence Meme!

Give me a pairing/grouping and I will write one sentence based on it OH YEAH.

Here are some of my previously done ones from a route_29 meme!

Yosuke + Rise

Private Concert
It may have taken a few months, but Rise kept her word of a private concert when they met up - and as it happened, Yosuke could hardly contain his excitement over the matter.

Yosuke + Souji

Yosuke had gotten used to the strange expression on Souji's face whenever they drank coffee together; Somehow, though, Yosuke never thought to ask why it happened three times a day, every day.

Yosuke + Pokémon

His team are misfits, too
He wondered if taking his team to the Poképark was a bad idea; even though other trainer's Pokémon seemed to play nicely together, most of them just looked at Jiraiya, Hisoka, and Chie like they had numerous heads - leaving the three a bit discouraged and more inclined to cling to Yosuke.

Yosuke + Kanji

Eating his damn trail mix
Yosuke frowned as he finished writing an apology note; he hadn't meant to finish Kanji's trail mix, but until he could buy more, he'd be avoiding his friend very carefully.

The P4 Boys

The camp out. With mosquitoes involves.
Even Souji couldn't help but laugh a little at Teddie's pouts over the plethora of mosquito bites; even though Kanji and Yosuke just found it hilarious, Souji found it endearing.

Yosuke + Sugata

Relaxing on the beach
"Man, this is nice..." Yosuke trailed off, stretching under the warm sun before looking at Sugata and continuing, "This is where the hot maids rub sunscreen on our backs, right?"

Primary fandoms are Persona 4, Persona 3, Durarara!!, CLAMP works, Tales of Vesperia, Catherine. I'll of course do ones involving my panfanom CR from Route, Marina, or Deadland. Come to me, bbs. Let's do these sentences \o/
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